Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mindy Kellogg: Scourge of the Blogosphere

We bring you this special announcement in the interest of exposing a woman by the name of Melinda Jane Kellogg, 'PhD'. She claims to have a PhD (or 2) and uses these credentials to impress those who are unsuspecting and unaware of her extraordinarily nefarious schemes and highly manipulative behavior.

There are many on the internet who have been seriously damaged by her relentless and malicious character assassination.  Her many fictitious pieces are written specifically to defame others and are considered, legally, to be acts of premeditated libel .  If you are contacted by her, please be aware that you may just be her next victim.  She is at once vicious, unscrupulous and completely without conscience.  Dangerous to the extreme is the way she has been described by her friends and foes alike.

Many believe that Melinda Kellogg, 'PhD' is the product of a long term MK Ultra Monarch mind-control program and that she fits the pattern of an alter -- altered personality who possess numerous split personalities.  Each personality expresses as a completely different person, not too unlike Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; only in her case we're talking about distinct personality types very similar to the likes of Lucretia Borgia, Cruella Deville,  Catherine De' Medici, Ilse Koch - The Bitch of Buchenwald, and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Whoever was responsible for programming Melinda Jane Kellogg must have chosen from this aforementioned list of most notorious female personages because she can act like any one of them at any given moment.  So uncanny ability is her ability to morph into any one these types of characters that some have been caught unaware and deeply wounded by her internet behavior  Because of this hidden facet to her personality, we highly recommend that you avoid being in her presence.  She has been known to demonstrate extremely violent behavior and is thoroughly unpredictable.

The MO of a Serial Internet Criminal

It is important to understand that everything Melinda Jane Kellogg writes on the internet and speaks on the radio is fabricated --- EVERYTHING!  In Kellogg's case we are talking about a mind that only knows how to fabricate stories and prevaricate about any given subject, especially her ex-husband who happens to be the perennial object of her scorn.  Truly, in his regard Ms. Kellogg incapable of any rational thought or commitment to the truth or accurate portrayal of the facts.  This complete absence of truthfulness in her writings extends to all of her ex-husbands friends, family, business acquaintances, and employees. 

Because of her highly compromised mental predicament, all she does - all day long - is make up stuff as she sits at her computer pecking away spreading her and others deliberate lies and purposeful falsehoods.  This individual - Melinda Jane Kellogg - has now become a machine at spewing hate and vitriol against any perceived enemy or target of her jealous scorn.  Women, in particular, are highly susceptible to her intense envy-driven machinations.

Therefore, if you are woman, please be aware that Melinda Kellogg will spare nothing in her arsenal of misinformation, disinformation and false information to libel and slander you. Many have already fallen prey to her insanely vicious and completely unprovoked attacks on their character, their families, and their livelihoods.  In order to protect those who have been victimized, we dare not repeat the mental diarrhea which has poured out of the mind of Kellogg and onto many internet sites.

It is quite shocking that alternative news sites would pander to her utter garbage as they have, and patronize her campaigns to destroy good, honest people who have nothing to do with her.  Each of these websites  is now a party in the commission of the crime known as malicious defamation of character by way of premeditated character assassination.

Each reader ought to consider the extremely serious consequences of this campaign of ongoing character assassination being conducted by Kellogg and her co-conspirators. Especially those websites who have enabled her criminal behavior, both legal exposure and financial liability are now theirs to seriously ponder as various lawsuits are being readied to be filed.

Melinda Kellogg ought to be in a Psych Ward or Institution for the Criminally Insane

Many have asked, what is she doing out on the street?  Others have queried about how such a character has been allowed to continue to run a multi-month crime spree and get away with it?  Still others marvel at her ability to convince alternative tabloid media types, who are looking for a story, of her sanity.  We really are talking about an individual who is stone-cold NUTS.  Totally crazy and completely mad with the worst combination of rageful jealousy, fatal attraction, paranoia, schizophrenia, and manic depression.  

Those who are qualified have labeled her behavior as borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder.  Others who are more familiar with her background have identified multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, 

It appears that some of the much more serious psychoses which Kellogg suffers from have yet to be fully diagnosed; however, those who have interacted with her have identified some obvious and quite serious psychological symptoms.  It is now well known that she has been treated for multiple psychiatric disorders, acute mental disease and chronic emotional imbalance, all of which do require immediate intervention.  

It has also become common knowledge among the many who have had exposure to her that Melinda Kellogg, 'PhD' is taking a long list of very powerful pharmaceutical drugs (some of them psychoactive psychotropics) and therefore cannot necessarily control herself.  The interactions alone from her daily drug regimen is enough to kick over a horse.  Therefore, extreme caution is advised as she has the potential to go postal  -- REALLY POSTAL -- any time, any where! ! !

Make no mistake about it, Melinda Jane Kellogg is the Queen of Mean.  One only has to view all the the damage and destruction she has wrought in the lives of so many who have crossed her path.  At first most are completely unaware of her wile and guile.  However, when you least expect it, she will turn on you and make your life utterly miserable.  This is a 'woman' whose photo should be in every post office in the nation.  Let's start by circulating this blog far and wide to warn anyone else who may fall prey to her psychopathic behavior and sociopathic conduct.

We cannot state this warning in any other terms except that you:

BEWARE OF THE SHE-BEAST:  Melinda Jane Kellogg, 'PhD'

Here is a picture of her in case you happen to come across her path.  Please, if you happen to come face to face with her, remember:

                                                  "Don't be deceived by the smile; 
                                                for hers is a smile of wile and guile!"

                                         You can probably see from her smile that she just might
                                                             be as likely to take your head off as smile at you!"
                                                                         ~ A recent and very hapless victim

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